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    The Wolverine 2013

    As has become my habit, I nowadays go to the movie theater with no expectations. Especially when I
  • talaash


    **1/2 A lot has been said about the supposed twist in the plot of ‘Talaash’ which many found
  • Heroine-8

    Heroine (2012) 0*

    Yes. You read that right. It says zero stars at the top. And I am going to devote
  • English Vinglish Movie Stills (28)

    English Vinglish (2012) ***1/2

    ‘English Vinglish’ is about a woman Shashi (Sridevi) who does not know English and starts going for English
  • 474bd808aa59d6dca3b796babcaae853_ls

    Oh My God (2012) ***1/2

    ‘O My God’, is without doubt the most blatantly intelligent film that I have seen this year. I